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2011-03-15 09:56:04 by CloudObler

There is only one thing that awaits us all,
a life-changing event for both large and small.
I've been haunted by this feeling for all me life,
will I ever be relieved from this fear and strife?

I am not sad.. still I will cry, I will feel great pain.. when you die.
A sweet beginning, a bitter end, a selfish mind or a heart to lend.

There is no truth- no wrong, no right, just an image,.. of love in my eyes.
This is the cycle- the story of the earth, as one falls... another gives birth.


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2011-03-15 09:59:22

your no poet

CloudObler responds:

i try to inspire, to improve and aspire
there are many people in this world, but few i admire
though now and then i am let down, when these people clown around
so i ask assincerely as can be, qb will you express your opinions please


2011-03-15 14:02:47

Great, now I'm depressed. ;P

CloudObler responds:

Aw man! It's not meant to be depressing, just enlightening or some shit.


2011-03-15 22:14:55

Cloudy emotionally pwned cosmic...
Stop emotionally pwning comic cloudy.....

CloudObler responds:

You are heartless and that is why you do not understand.


2011-03-21 09:21:33

Hai CloudObler. Wanna be friends?

CloudObler responds:



2011-03-25 20:34:36

???? )o_o(

CloudObler responds:

Hello friend, please learn english. ~Love CloudObler :)


2011-04-15 18:25:47

So you decided to create a gay account to express you feelings? Haha, your poetry is okay.

CloudObler responds:

Lmao. Stupid faggot wrestler kid. You're bad at flash. Go make a terrible collab.


2011-05-15 21:05:33

Hi frand :)

CloudObler responds:

Hello bro :R


2011-08-03 00:18:59

pretty gat

CloudObler responds:

hi faggot


2015-04-26 08:33:05